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Thanksgiving Planning Empty Thanksgiving Planning

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 17, 2008 6:59 pm

Hey everyone. I am planning for Thanksgiving. I like to plan stuff very early. I'm setting up wallpapers, and I'm trying to make a few AIM icons, and display pictures for other IM sites. So stay tuned to the forum, and I would really appreciate if someone would be able to make some graphics for the forum too, such as, making icons, display pictures and wallpapers for people to have too. I'm not the one who is accepting it. The 'Reba Forum Team' is going to decide.

I hope that you are willing to help out with graphics.

NOTE: Don't make any banners or icons for the forum, because I have that taken care of. You can make wallpapers, icons, and display pictures for people to have. That would be great, and thank you so much. I really appriciate the help!

PLEASE: Don't forget to tell all your friends and family to register to the forum. You will be a very qualified member if you can help out with that too. E-mail them, send them something about it, anything else that you can think of, because we want this forum to be kept alive. Please and thank you. I ask that you do that too since traffic has died a long time ago for a long time. Thanks, and again, I hope that some of you are willing to help with the graphics and give me some ideas for them too!! Thanks for your support and participation!

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