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Concert last week Empty Concert last week

Post by mindylynn on Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:45 am

I had the chance to see Reba and Kelly last weekend in Pittsburgh, it was amazing!! This was a very last minute thing so i'm happy we were even able to get tickets let alone having the great seats we ended up getting. Pretty much went to see Reba, of course. Seeing her live was surreal, it's as if it never happened at all. She's just as funny, sweet and absolutely adorable in person as she is on tv. It amazes me how wonderful she still sounds after all these years, a lot of singers her age definitely don't sound as good. I loved seeing/hearing Fancy it's always been one of my favorite songs Very Happy Kelly did impress me though, she is pretty good live. I went in saying I wasn't a huge fan but knew a good bit of her songs due to them being all over the radio haha. It was truly a fun night and seeing Melissa there made it even better. I had no clue she was touring with them...shows how much I follow things Wink Oh yea this was my first concert so getting to see Reba just made it even more special. Well I consider that to be my first since i've only seen local bands before...they don't count :p I definitely hope she comes closer like this again next year. I think next time it wouldn't seem to go by so fast since I wouldn't be AS excited as I was on friday. Seeing her once just isn't enough.

Well anyways I got lots of pictures on myspace so check them out Smile You don't have to be one of my friends to view them but I wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to add me.

I also got 2 videos up on youtube, the Fancy one looks better if you watch in high quality. It's a little shaky but it was the last song so we were standing up dancing around.

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